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Custom Built High-Performance Oil Pumps Made in the USA

NRC produces two different oil pump product lines: (a) the SPORTSMAN-SERIES, and (b) the PRO-SERIES. Both these pump products are available in block mount, cam-drive or Bert-Brinn styles.

The NRC Sportsman Series pumps provide very high performance at an exceptionally low price, and contain features found in much more expensive pumps (details below).

The NRC Pro Series pumps have all the design and performance features contained in the Sportsman Series PLUS additional innovative features to dramatically decrease weight and size, and increase performance and efficiency, again at surprisingly low price (details below). Both series of pumps contain the same high quality engineering, materials and manufacturing.

More details on each of these product lines are presented below on this page.

All NRC pumps are available with any number of stages (1 through 5). All NRC pumps have dual ball bearings, O-rings between every pump section, root-trapping relief slots, and an optimized relief valve design to eliminate wasted power when the relief system is operating. All NRC pumps contain the same high-quality engineering, materials and manufacturing.

The quality of the engineering and the manufacturing in a pump determines how well a pump does its job and how long it will continue to do its job well. Our discussion about dry sump pump requirements explains, in detail, the requirements for a pump to “do its job well”.

NRC dry sump pumps meet all those requirements, and include combinations of features (described below) found in more expensive pumps as well as features not found in other pumps at all. NRC pumps achieve high pumping efficiencies and exceptional levels of crankcase vacuum.

All NRC oil pumps have a smooth-sided bright aluminum finish which reflects heat and therefore keeps the oil cooler. Many competing pumps have housings with lovely anodized colors and finned bodies. Those pumps ABSORB heat and add to the oil temperature.

All NRC pumps are manufactured completely in-house from the highest grade aluminum, steel and bronze materials, on high-performance CNC equipment, which provides exceptional repeatability and low-tolerance manufacturing for maximum pumping efficiency and very low cost.

Read this article to see how NRC can sell such high-grade pumps for such low prices.


The NRC Sportsman Pump provides very high pumping and and scavenging performance and reliability at an exceptionally low price.

The individual components of the NRC Sportsman pumps (gears, housings, etc.) are totally interchangeable with those same parts of a Stock Car Products pump.

However, although the price is substantially lower than the comparable SCP pump, the NRC Sportsman Pump has been tested and demonstrated to produce equal or better pressure, flow and vacuum than similar more expensive pumps on the same engine, same dyno, same day.


No tricks; No BS; Just Quality and Performance.

The NRC Sportsman Pump offers the latest high-performance pump features:

a. molded “o”-rings between every pump section (end-housings, pump housings, separators);

b. dual ball bearings on both ends of the moving shaft;

c. either direction of rotation (Clockwise, Counterclockwise);

d. an optimized pressure regulator valve for reduced power losses;

e. the much-stiffer “double-blade” mounting system, as shown in the first picture;

g. housings with either straight or 45°-tilted inlet fittings to simplify the plumbing, also shown in the second picture;

h. a large internal cross-port so all scavenge stages share a single outlet fitting for simpler, cleaner plumbing, as shown in the third picture;

I. T-slotted end-plates to eliminate power loss from root trapping, also shown in the third picture;

j. integrated aux-drives for Hilborn / Waterman fuel pumps and KSE / KRC power steering pumps (instead of an add-on adapter) which is part of the relief-valve housing as shown in the fourth picture.


The NRC Pro-Series Pump was designed to provide the very high performance, the very light weight, and the very small size envelope commonly found in the very high-end pumps on the market, but at a significantly lower price.

In tests and in service, the NRC Pro-Series pumps have produced scavenge-side crankcase vacuum levels nearly 30% higher than comparable “expensive” pumps, together with consistent and reliable pump performance.

The NRC Pro Pumps have all the features contained in the NRC Sportsman Series (described above) PLUS these additional innovative features to dramatically decrease weight and size, and increase performance and efficiency at the same time.


  1. gun-drilled idler shafts to keep the scavenge stages “wetted” for higher vacuum;
  2. modified gear-tooth geometry for more pumping capacity,
  3. ball-bearings on both sides of the pressure stage to maintain efficiency at high pressures;
  4. amazing weight reduction through clever, creative design.

Here is an example: A 4-stage block-mount NRC Pro-Series dry sump pump with a 1.45″ pressure stage and three 1.45″ scavenge stages weighs an incredible 6.65 lb. and is less than 7.8″ long.



NRC High Performance Oil Pumps: Block-mount, Cam-mount, Bellhousing-mount, either rotation, and custom pumps for almost any application.

No gimmicks. Just performance and value.

NRC high-performance pumps:

First-rate quality at a much lower price.