Made and Manufactured in the USA

The dry-sump oil pump in your race engine is one of it’s MOST critical parts. You might ask: “Why would I build a $40,000 race engine and use a second rate pump?

That’s a reasonable question, but it raises a more important one: How do I tell a “first rate pump” from a “second rate pump”?

Is the price of the pump an indicator of quality?

NO, not necessarily. On our Dry Sump Requirements page, we explained, in detail, what consititutes a first-rate racing dry sump pump. Before making your decision, you owe it to yourself to read that information. Any pump that meets the requirements explained there, and at the same time costs substantially less than competitors’ pumps, must be a bargain first rate pump.

NRC pumps are exactly that: first rate pumps at a much lower price.

How can that be, you ask? Are they made in China? NO!

NRC can sell high performance, full-featured pumps at low prices because:

  1. We do all the design, testing and manufacturing at our facility in Vancouver, Washington;
  2. We have invested in optimized production technology, processes, methods and materials to enable the quick and economic manufacture of high quality components;
  3. We have eliminated costly, non-essential extras such as pretty colors and useless fins, and
  4. We sell direct, eliminating the markup of warehouses and distributors.

We have all our major production steps and operations in-house, so that we can maintain excellent quality control, provide quick response to customers’ needs, and keep the prices down. That gives NRC the flexibility to provide high-performance custom pump products as well.

NRC has custom, high-performance 5-axis CNC machining capability (pictured above) with which we make all our pump housing components (gear bodies, separator plates, mounting blades, bypass housings, etc.).

In order to further reduce cost, we have invested in custom-made extruded bars for our pump bodies. These bars are a high-strength, heat-treated aluminum alloy which are shaped to a near-net form. That reduces cost by (1) eliminating the waste of expensive aluminum material which occurs when parts are machined from solid billet, and (2) dramatically reducing machining time.

Our use of custom-designed high-strength extrusions (similar to what is used for aluminum rocker arms) adds to the quality of the product because the grain-flow in the extruded material is far superior to what can be achieved by carving from billet.

Our obsession with quality does not stop with housing components. The superior performance of our pumps depends on consistent, repeatable, high-grade gears. We have our own in-house Fellows Gear Shapers (shown in the picture to the left) which we use to produce our pump gears. These machines are constantly monitored to assure that our quality requirements are being met.

We maintain an on-hand stock of components in order that any standard or custom order can typically be satisfied in one or two days.


NRC high-performance pumps: First-rate quality at a much lower price.